What it means to be participating in Kids for Kids

Aside from being a fantastic way to showcase their talents and a wonderful family night out, Kids for Kids can mean so much more for your child. The show has been bringing out young Kiwis together for the past 22 years,teaching them to raise their voices for children around the world. It's a journey that encourages empathy, respect and humility and helps shape them into true global citizens.

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets will be on sale approximately one month prior to the concert and is available through the ticketing agent handling the venue for your school. All ticketing information will be on the Dates and Locations page as soon as they are on sale. The concerts are normally booked out in advance and we recommend pre-booking your tickets to avoid disappointment.

What is the cost of the ticket?

Ticket prices vary depending on the venue. We try to keep the ticket price as low as we can, to allow as many families as possible to see their children perform. We really appreciate you purchasing a concert ticket as it helps cover the cost of staging this wonderful event, but it's important to note that the ticket cost doesn't go to World Vision's development in Tanzania. To find out more about this work and how you can continue your child's journey to becoming a true global citizen, have a chat with a World Vision rep at the Kids for Kids show.

What should children wear on the night?

Children should wear bright-coloured clothing. The more colourful and fun the better! No jackets or jerseys are to be worn on stage as it can become very warm performing under lights.

What time does the evening performance start?

The evening performance starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 9.20pm.

All students need to be backstage by 6.45pm.

We will start leading the students on stage by 7.10pm.

When is intermission and what happens then?

Intermission is at 8.20pm for 15 minutes.

During this time, we will take the choir backstage for a short break.

We ask all choir trainers to join us backstage during the break.

No parents or family will be permitted backstage.

Who do I contact should my child be running late?

Please contact the music teacher to discuss this.

When and where do I collect my child after the concert?

At the conclusion of the concert programme, children will be released in groups from the stage.

Parents are asked to collect their children inside the venue.

Who do I contact if my child has lost clothing or other items at the event?

You will need to contact the venue management directly.

Can I get a video recording of the concert?

Unfortunately, because of copyright restrictions, filming of the concert is prohibited. A CD of the original show music will be available for purchase on the night.