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2021 show update


A message from Kids for Kids...


It goes without saying that 2020 was a tough year! I’d like to applaud you, our choir teachers – who stuck with us last year. We got very lucky with our show timing and the fact we could go ahead with the majority of our shows was amazing. We want to also recognise the teachers who put in the hard yards for our Hamilton and Palmerston North shows despite the fact we didn’t see those shows come to pass. It was hugely disappointing for all of us that we couldn’t go ahead with those shows due to the second Covid lockdown.


As we reached the end of 2020, while we reflected on the great things we managed to achieve, it also came time to take a hard look at 2021 and make decisions around proposed plans. The cancellation of shows and reduced funding for our 2020 shows, as well as the challenges faced in a broken school year, means we have made the tough decision to hibernate Kids for Kids for 2021. The environment Covid has created for those of us running live events is complex and risky – and we have been reminded of this over the past few days.


We realise this will come as disappointing news for many schools. This decision was not made lightly, but we believe that by taking steps now to minimise our risk, we are putting ourselves in a better position to go ahead with future Kids for Kids shows. 


We hope you will understand that our hearts are heavy as we make this announcement and we wish things were different. As a team we will greatly miss seeing you and your students this year, but know it won’t be long before we are taking the stage together once again.


At this stage we plan to run shows again in 2022, and will keep you updated with proposed dates. We are still running the other events we put together, the NYLD events. If you would like more information on these please visit:


We wish you all BIG AROHA as you head into the school year. We will be in touch about 2022 as soon as we can.


Ngā mihi